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About us

Meet Maia

Born the youngest of four children, I grew up in the kitchen, doing my homework at the table and helping to cook and bake as I got older. While in college, I turned to my kitchen as stress-relief: as finals rolled around, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes came churning out of my apartment, going to friends who were studying as well. In fact, it was this practice that inspired Bee Sweet Bakeshop’s slogan: taking the sting out of life.

I opened Bee Sweet Bakeshop in 2010 as I left school and began life in the working world and found myself making more and more treats for friends. Now I get to brighten even more people’s days with my baked goods. I love creating tasty works of art – and seeing the looks on the faces of my customers as they take that first delicious bite.

So enjoy our new site; spend some time wandering around to look at the delicious (and beautiful) treats coming out of the Bee Sweet Bakeshop kitchen. And when you’re done, contact us to place your order—let our sweet treats take the sting out of life!

Mission Statement

At Bee Sweet Bakeshop, we believe that a healthy lifestyle can—and should!—include some indulgences. As such, it is the vision of Bee Sweet Bakeshop to serve the greater Dallas area through production of high-quality baked goods using fresh, natural ingredients. And because we believe that beauty is not just frosting-deep, we strive to provide our customers with treats that are just as beautiful and delicious on the inside as they are on the outside.

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